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Next Cuddle Parties, Tuesday, May 7th and Tuesday, June 11th at 6PM to 10PM

A space for connection and community without complexity. Practice consent and communication skills in a safe, structured environment. Explore touch. Feel held. Cuddle Parties are always fully clothed and non-sexual. No touch is required during the event at all. 

Book in advance on Dandelion Earth.

Limited earlybird tickets close on April 30th and June 1st respectively.

Burning Nest, May 20th to 27th

Burning Nest is one of the UK’s officially recognised regional Burner Events, associated with Burning Man.

Join us for a week of co-created discovery and adventure! We seek and find ourselves, connection, and the secrets of the universe. Throughout the week, you can join workshops and ceremonies, witness performances and perform yourself, party hard and dance all night, relax and enjoy good vibes with good people.

I am a part of the organising team, on communications.

I also host multiple workshops throughout the week, often testing out more experimental, edgy material in this expressive, alternative environment.

Learn more and buy tickets on the Burning Nest website.

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Group Session Overview

Touch and movement in group settings are a powerful way to improve interpersonal relationships and understand ourselves in a social dynamic. Embrace Connections offers many forms of movement-based events and workshops:

Cuddle Party. Give and share touch and care. Learn about your boundaries and desires, and how to communicate them. (See more below or through the link)

Touch Move Connect. Make new connections. Use your body to learn about yourself. The focus is on a different relating/communication topic every month. (See more below or through the link)

Dancing with Strangers. Dismantle your internal stories and insecurities, and learn how to invite strangers to dance in an open, consensual and comfortable way.

AcroYoga. Lift your partner up and fly high! Trust and communicaion are key to achieving great things together.

Contact Improv. Learn to listen closely to non-verbal communication. Express your own instinctual ideas. Co-create seamlessly.

Team Building Masterclass. Focus on soft skills for teams like empathy, communication, trust, mutual support. (In person and online)

Cuddle Party

A cuddle workshop is an oportunity to explore and enjoy non-sexual physical connection in a safe, structured environment.

This experience begins with a series of connection and communciation activities that help participants arrive in the space and in their bodies. We get to know each other better. We learn how to communicate about desires and boundaries. We also get to enjoy the sensations and experiences of physical touch. This allows a group of relative strangers to learn to trust each other in this held space.

After a shared potluck meal, we will gather for a “cuddle puddle” all together for a period of shared comfortable, cozy cuddling. Eventually, pairs and small groups can break out and enjoy their own separate dynamics.

Caring for consent is required at all times, using skills practiced in the first hour. The entire workshop is clothed and non-sexual. People of all genders are welcome to cuddle with each other. Safety and comfort are the priority.

Touch Move Connect

Come make new connections, explore and challenge how you communicate, relate and understand yourself! These workshops are open to all.

Provoke questions and insights about yourself through movement and touch-based activities in solo, partnered, small group and full group dynamics.

After the workshop, join a free, unstructured gathering to decompress together and solidify new friendships in a social environment.

The entire workshop, and each activity are founded on consent. Only do what you want to try, and don’t do anything you don’t want to do. These workshops are fully clothed and non-sexual spaces.

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