🔎 Keeping on top of all the details🔍

Every day brings something new. In a dynamic business, there’s new information to take in all the time!

From small, fleeting bits of information unique to this case or order or or client, to specialisations and modifications and personalisations to dates, times and deadlines, to tasks, roles and TODOs… You need to keep on top of it all.

Methods for learning and storing information

🖥 Use comprehensive computer systems document every relevant detail. You can find any information you need! But it does take time to record information. Nevermind the complexity of building the system in the first place!

📂 Use ad-hoc documents and spreadsheets. This is a flexible approach, but it isn’t as robust or repeatable.

📖 Write everything down in a less structured way. On notepads. In a diary. The information is stored! But good luck finding it.

🧠 Wing it. We were born with brains! Anything worth remembering will not be forgotten. (Hmm…)

My Preference

I personally use a mix of digital and physical methods. When I worked for larger businesses I was happy to integrate my information into their established software and systems, but my business is not complex enough to merit them (yet!).

How do you prefer to keep track of information?

Does your company permit you to do things the way you prefer? Are they stricter on data input that you like? Do you wish they had more robust systems in place?

Let me know in the comments below!

Ways of Working

“Ways of Working” is a multi-part series of quick tips to personalize your workplace culture and make it work for you and your colleagues.

If you want help understanding and communicating your own Ways of Working, or if you want to run a Ways of Working workshop with your team, send me a message! Let’s talk.

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