🤝 Co-creating Company Values 💝

Get the entire organisation involved in collaboratively designing and maintaining your company values. In practice, they are already co-creating the company values through their lived work culture experience. But it may not be aligned with your stated company values! 🏢 Build systems and structures that support these efforts. ✅ Reward behaviours that are in alignment. ⛔ Discourage …

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“Man Down! Requesting Backup.” Men’s mental health in the workplace.

In November, I attended CIPD’s event about men’s mental health in the workplace called “Man Down! Requesting Backup.” It was well timed, two days before International Men’s Day on Sunday the 19th of November. During the talk, Charles Taymour, the coach/therapist giving the talk shared a laundry list of distressing statistics about men’s mental health …

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🎓 Learning new skills at work 🍎

Healthy businesses are constantly evolving and improving. There are always new skills to learn.💿 You may have to familiarise yourself with some new software.🛠 Learn how to use a new tool.📊 Integrate an updated business process.🔎 Incorporate a clever technique to make your current work more efficient… ( 📚 I’m not asking how you learn …

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