The Embrace Connection Studio is a cozy, bright space filled with plants. It has space for 2-3 people to move creatively, play and stay connected. 

Located in Easton, we are just near the Bristol-Bath cycle path and the Greenback cemetary. Near bus routes 6, 7, 17, 24, 25, 48, 48A, 49,

Accessibility: 3 flights of stairs.

Free parking on the street

Home Visit

If you have a suitable space, we can have our sessions in your home. We need a space where we can sit comfortably and move around, with some peace and quiet to avoid distractions.


If the weather permits, we can hold our sessions outdoors in a park. I’ll bring a large picnic blanket and a bluetooth speaker. We’ll find a quiet spot with some privacy so we can focus on our session.


We can meet in a café or other public space of your choice. This is a good option to get to know each other in a comfortable, public space first.

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