Strong relationships and connections are the foundation of wellbeing and success

Embrace Connections can help you Connect Better. Interpersonal skills, beliefs and attitudes can be learned, practiced and applied to different areas of life.

Let’s work together to help your relationships thrive. Feel comfortable and happy in your connections. Achieve more together.


Do you want to strengthen your company culture?

Do you want to improve workplace wellbeing?

Do you want better relationships with colleagues?


Do you want to relate to others comfortably and easily?

Do you want to feel more supported by community?

Do you feel restricted by your own inner stories?

Why Connect Better?

Humans are social creatures. We need connection and community to thrive.

Modern society has pushed us away from healthy, authentic connection. But people are aching for better connections. To find their people, and develop healthy relationships. To be in more secure relationships. To feel happier.

Embrace Connections is a grassroots movement to help people learn to connect better and build community. We help people open up, gain social skills, and overcome blockers and challenges. We bring people together, and give opportunities to connect, share and go deep with new people.

This has major impacts on mental health, wellbeing, and positive outcomes. We can achieve more together.

About Trevor/Treasure

Call me Treasure or Trevor (They/Them)

I am passionate about connection, growth and play. My purpose is to help people connect better and lead better lives.

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With a focus on consent, respecting boundaries, communicating clearly, and maintaining professionalism, we can feel safe to be vulnerable and challenge ourselves.


Feel heard and held in a non-judgemental space. All people, all emotions and all thoughts are accepted, respected and treated with care.


Every person is unique and has their own mix of challenges. Sessions are tailored and adapted to your needs and boundaries.

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