Team Building Masterclass

Embrace Connections Team Building Masterclasses focus directly on improving interpersonal soft skills, team dynamics and relationships between colleagues. By stepping into an alternative space where authenticity and empathy are welcomed, we can rewrite the rules of engagement and redefine the company culture, starting by improving relationships between employees.

Other Team Building solutions hope to achieve team improvements incidentally, alongside a structured activity like paintball or problem solving. At Embrace Connections, we target these outcomes directly.


Soft Skills

  • Trust
  • Empathy
  • Expressing needs and boundaries
  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Mutual support
  • Creativity

Team Outcomes

  • Improved empathy, emotional connection between colleagues
  • Clearly defined ways of working to achieve best results on a granular level with each employee
  • Mutual understanding of people and circumstances
  • Established bridges for assistance and support
  • Have fun together!

Business Outcomes

  • Better collaboration and cooperation
  • Reduced silos and communication gaps
  • More efficient work
  • Attractive company culture
  • Employee wellbeing
    • Employee retention
    • Less reliance on financial perks


Each session begins with a gentle introduction to set expectations for the space. This is followed by a sequence of activites and reflections proceeding at a comfortable pace, allowing participants to adapt to new environments and modes of interaction without overreaching. The exact duration and schedule can be adapted to your group’s needs.

These Masterclasses use embodiment, movement and touch-based practices from modalities such as AcroYoga/partner acrobatics, partner and solo dance, contact improv, fighting, wrestling, massage, authentic relating, circling, etc. The body is a powerful tool to provoke insights about ourselves and the ways we interact with others. These partnered and group activities target interpersonal soft skills directly.

The entire session is built upon a culture of consent. Participants should not feel pressured to engage in any activity they are not comfortable with. The group decides how deep to go, depending on their openness and comfort.

Solutions can include a mix of:

  • Embodiment practices to improve awareness and make everything that comes more grounded and authentic
  • Ice-breaking activities to dissolve internal blockages and bring down barriers between people
  • Connection pratices to improve trust, empathy and communication in the group
  • Culture strategy setting session
  • Deep dive on empathetic 1-1s
  • Ways of working: understanding and communicating workplace needs
  • Small group reflections
  • Shared meals

Bespoke Solutions

Team Building Masterclass solutions can be tailored to suit your teams and your needs.

Some workshops are short and fun

  • 2 hours
  • Mostly physical activities
  • A little theory
  • Some conscious reflection

Others are profound and impactful

  • Full day
  • A mix of physical activities and theory
  • Intention setting
  • Solo and group reflection
  • Debrief sessions to extract lessons learned to apply in a business context
  • Meals to break bread and socialize in intentional ways

…and anything in between

Let’s have a call to discuss your company’s needs.


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