DEI + B — Diversity, Equity, Inclusion… and Belonging!

How does it feel to be a member of your team and business?

I just read the term “DEIB” for the first time, which adds B for “Belonging” to the familiar acronym.  Belonging is the glue that binds DEI together and makes it really work.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are hugely important elements of business that are gaining a lot of traction. Businesses around the world are recognising the value of a diverse, empowered workforce. But they don’t quite work without a sense of belonging.

DEI without B

Diversity without Belonging can feel alienating and othering. Belonging allows a team to feel comfortable in their diverse selves.

Equity without Belonging can feel transactional and exploitative, just having the chance to be a productive cog in the machine. Belonging brings in a sense of collective purpose and mutual support.

Inclusion without Belonging can feel procedural, a tick-box exercise to ensure that the business is doing its duty to accommodate its employees. Belonging allows us to celebrate and value every person’s authentic self.

Adding in the B

Belonging takes DEI beyond policies and structures, into the realm of healthy workplace culture. It fosters environments where employees can thrive.

Let’s work together to bring a sense of belonging in our workplaces. Contact me for support in improving trust, empathy and communication between colleagues, and growing the sense of belonging in your workplace culture!

Do you feel like you belong in your team? In your company? What’s an example where somebody stuck out and clearly didn’t belong and how did that go? Write your experiences in the comments below.

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