Empowering Culture Change

We are more in control of our environments than we take credit for.

On a local scale, we can as individuals and communities bring about significant changes! Sure, we may not always be solving the world’s problems, but we are changing our lives and the lives of people around us.

…which is a small step towards changing the world.

An overview of what we can control:

Each of us has autonomy over our own selves. We can control how we respond to others. We can set the terms of our interactions with peers. We contribute towards group dynamics and we can influence the culture of our local communities.

If we don’t do it consciously, we are doing it unconsciously.

Empowering Culture Change is a multi-part series about clarifying what we can and can’t control, with the aim to empower us as workers and members of society to step up and make changes for the better in our worlds.

This is the fundamental purpose of Embrace Connections.

The Empowering Culture Change series covers many topics! From the internal to the external: 

  • Identity and Self-Awareness
  • Authenticity and Self-Expression
  • Boundaries
  • Communication and Expectations
  • Empathy and Inclusion
  • Trust
  • Shared Values and Cultural Expectations
  • Group Accountability
  • Purpose

The parts will be linked from here as they are published.


Photo by Harshit Tiwari

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