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Next Cuddle Parties, Tuesday, May 7th and Tuesday, June 11th, 6PM to 10PM

A space for connection and community without complexity. Practice consent and communication skills in a safe, structured environment. Explore touch. Feel held. Cuddle Parties are always fully clothed and non-sexual. No touch is required during the event at all. 

Book in advance on Dandelion Earth.

Limited earlybird tickets close on June 1st.

Burning Nest, May 20th to 27th

Burning Nest is one of the UK’s officially recognised regional Burner Events, associated with Burning Man.

Join us for a week of co-created discovery and adventure! We seek and find ourselves, connection, and the secrets of the universe. Throughout the week, you can join workshops and ceremonies, witness performances and perform yourself, party hard and dance all night, relax and enjoy good vibes with good people.

I am a part of the organising team, on communications.

I also host multiple workshops throughout the week, often testing out more experimental, edgy material in this expressive, alternative environment.

Learn more and buy tickets on the Burning Nest website.

The Art of Touch (45+), June 28th

An event aimed at the 45+ age group, but open and inclusive.

How much contact, touch and intimacy do you want in your life? What is nurturing touch for you? How can you confidently and consensually give and recieve touch? 

Let’s  explore these questions through immersive activities in a fun, safe and mindful atmosphere. We will expand into abundance of touch, holding and cuddles, according to individual needs and choices.

These platonic explorations can give precious transferable skills with family, friends, as well as in intimate relationships.

Tickets and information available HERE.


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