“Man Down! Requesting Backup.” Men’s mental health in the workplace.

In November, I attended CIPD’s event about men’s mental health in the workplace called “Man Down! Requesting Backup.” It was well timed, two days before International Men’s Day on Sunday the 19th of November.

During the talk, Charles Taymour, the coach/therapist giving the talk shared a laundry list of distressing statistics about men’s mental health and wellbeing. It is a difficult climate for everybody’s wellbeing, but men are socialized to “tough it out,” “man up,” “don’t cry.”

As a result, men have worse self-care mechanisms, weaker support networks, and significantly lower adoption of workplace wellbeing support than women. The results are harrowing.

In my opinion, we seriously need to drop social conditioning that does not serve us. The “modern man” is grounded, emotionally intelligent and self-aware. But at present, a lot of men in modern society still subscribe to traditional gender roles and suffer from intergenerational trauma…
Help is available. We must allow ourselves to seek it and receive it.

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