Why does Embrace Connections Exist?

Story time!

I want to tell you about why I do the work I do.

It’s clear that workplace wellbeing and strong company culture are worthwhile pursuits. I write about that all the time. But why have I made this my life’s work?

My Career

I’ve worked in very different roles in different industries and environments around the world. In offices, client sites, event spaces, factory floors, restaurants, on site, and remotely. In Canada, the USA, England, Wales, France, China and India. With all kinds of people up and down the food chain… and it hasn’t always gone well.

When I have had good colleagues in supportive cultures, I thrive. When I didn’t get along with my teammates, I struggled. And I wasn’t always empowered to transform the culture!

For me, work has always been about the people more than the outputs. Life is about people as well.

My Personal Life

In my personal life, I am a leader, community builder, event organiser, and eager participant in group activities. My communities span Bristol, the UK, Europe and the globe, and are centred around connection and being together.

Partner dance and partner acrobatics require a companion at a minimum… but they flourish in a vibrant community. The Burner community’s core values include “Radical Inclusion,” “Communal Effort” and “Participation” among others.

I know that we are better together. We can achieve more than the sum of our parts if we work well together.
I care less about what we achieve, and more about how we do it. How it feels to collaborate and co-create. To teach and learn from each other. To support one another.

It all comes togther…

Although I trained in engineering and design, and worked for many years in product-based businesses helping to make the world a better place, I’ve realised that my place in the ecosystem of value generation is in people and community, not products and services. I can bring my expertise in community and connection into a place that desperately needs it: the work environment.

I don’t want to be a cog in a machine – no matter what incredible thing the machine spits out! I want to help make that machine purr.

If I can support values-driven companies to improve their workplace culture, perform better and achieve better outcomes, then I feel I can claim a small part of their impact on society going forward! I’m broadening my positive impact on the world.

And I’m having fun while doing it!

What about you?

Is your career aligned with your passion and values? How are you making your impact? What’s your story?

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