Celebrating Company Values

How does your company value its values?

What I mean by this is: when the official company values are reflected by actual outcomes and by ways that individuals and teams are working, how do you celebrate that?

Some examples:

🆘 When a Customer-Focussed business resolves a customer’s issue, how is the solver rewarded? 

📊 When a business that prides itself on Excellence hits its stringent KPIs, how does the team celebrate?

🤝 When a diverse team works really well together across multiple departments, how do you encourage other cross-functional teams to strive for the same level of Collaboration? 

🛠 When a production team finds a solution that significantly reduces errors and starts banging out products in line with your company’s vision for Quality, what’s the recognition of the improvement?

Some Suggestions

🤑 I’m not suggesting financial bonuses. I feel that packaging up a year’s worth of soft-skill wins and slapping a monetary value on it seems jarring. Nevermind subjective!

Here are some quick ideas:

🙏 Allow teammates to nominate each other for a weekly “kudos” email celebrating small achievements. 

📰 Issue an internal newsletter highlighting larger successes in the business. Keep everybody informed and included. 

📈 Display infographics demonstrating process improvements, and include the names and pictures of the people who were involved.

Create a culture where the company’s values are truly valued!

Positively reinforce value-aligned behaviours. It is the best way to integrate them into your company culture at every level, so you can achieve your business goals and succeed in your vision.

🔄 Please share the ways you, your team and your company celebrate their values in the comments below! I’d love to hear some success stories from your current and past workplaces.

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