Find the right service for your connection needs

Embrace Connections offers a range of bespoke services to support different types of clients. Contact us to find the right solution for your relational needs.

Somatic Therapy and Cuddle Therapy

One on one sessions

Somatic Touch Therapy and Cuddle Therapy are two names for a modalities that use gentle touch, holding, presence, attention and care according to your needs.

The name doesn’t matter so much; how you feel is the important part! These modaliites regulate the body and can give emotional, mental and spiritual support; a feeling of belonging and reduction in anxiety, stress and pain.

They can also be used to overcome relational challenges and blockages.

Connections Coaching

For individuals or couples

Embrace Connections Coaching is personalized coaching using physical practices, somatic methods and coaching techniques to improve connection skills and general wellbeing.

Sessions can include solo movement, meditation, collaborative games, competitive games, led and followed movement, different forms of touch and physical connection, talking activities, coaching techniques and conversation.

Events and Workshops

For groups

Learn to relate and communicate better with your peers. Use games, challenges, play and self-reflection to make new connections and deepen them quickly. Activities can be solo, in pairs, in small groups or with the full group.

Perfect for events, festivals, etc.

Couples Massage

For two people

Embrace pair massage sessions are hands-on workshops in giving and receiving the gift of empathetic touch.

  • A perfect date night activity for couples seeking new experiences together
  • An opportunity to learn ideas and techniques to share with each other later on.
  • A chance to connect with each other through touch


For individuals or couples

Founded on trust and communication, a successful AcroYoga practice is an opportunity to explore a playful and collaborative dynamic with your partner.

With Embrace, the focus is on your connection, and what you can achieve together. Use AcroYoga to bring new dimensions to your relationship.

AcroYoga Workshop
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