Company Culture Building Series

Company Culture is:

  • the sum of all relationships between colleagues
  • the daily practices and rituals used throughout the business and
  • how company values are implemented and celebrated.

Without a clear vision and awareness, these elements can be passive and reactive.

This workshop series brings intentionality to designing and implementing company culture.

Topics include:

  • Culture Audit
  • Values Setting
  • Human-centered business practices
    • Checking in
    • Meetings
    • Ways of Working
  • Authenticity and Vulnerability
  • Role Modelling
  • Relationship management


Team Outcomes

  • Improved empathy, emotional connection between colleagues
  • Clearly defined ways of working to achieve best results on a granular level with each employee
  • Mutual understanding of people and circumstances
  • Established bridges for assistance and support

Business Outcomes

  • Quality talent attracted to learly defined Employee Value Proposition
  • Improved retention of existing employees due to high quality company culture.
  • Optimised output from workforce because all are pulling together in alignment with values and vision
  • Enhanced teamwork
  • Improved manager – report relationships


Sessions last 2-4 hours.

Ideally, the entire team or small company participates. Otherwise, all stakeholder groups should at least be represented.

Schedule Outline:

  • An embodiment practice and check-in to land in the space
  • Introduction of the full schedule and activities, and expectations set for the session.
  • A mix of structured ideation, design, embodiment and connection activities
    • Different methods selected to achieve each session’s goals
    • Full group, small group, paired and solo dynamics
    • Time for personal and group reflection on the process and outcomes
  • Integration and future planning: how to apply the learnings in the workplace?

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