🌟 Living Company Values ✨

How do your company’s values show up in your company culture?

(💔 Or is there a disconnect between the marketing blah blah from the top brass and your real, lived experience of working at your company?)

For those of you whose companies are in alignment…

What are some features of your working life that demonstrate the values published on your website? What do you do, day to day, that support your company’s vision?

Some examples:

💟 If your company values Integrity, it could mean empowering customer service reps to offer replacements with company credit when a customer receives a faulty new product – no questions asked.

💡 If Innovation is one of the values, the technical department has times ringfenced for pure R&D. You hold regular ideation sessions with stakeholders from across the company. The higher ups recognise “failure” as a learning opportunity.

🤝 For companies valuing Diversity and Inclusion, there is a culture of recognising and celebrating people’s individuality. Diverse needs are recognised and served. People are treated as individuals.

Why Company Values?

Your Company Values were chosen for a reason. If you work in alignment with your values, then your business will achieve its goals and succeed in its vision.

For this to happen, your values need to be integrated at every level of the business. Your people and culture are the ones making this happen!

🔄 Please share your experiences of living your company values in the comments below! I’d love to hear about some examples of successes in your current and past businesses.

Stay tuned for the other elements of this series on company values: Celebrating Company Values, Disconnected Company Values and Co-creating Company Values.

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